Saturday, July 9, 2011

Movie Review: The Brotherhood of Satan

  While driving through rural-America, a young couple and their daughter find themselves lost an approaching a small town.  At the out-skirts of town the pass what appears to be a serious car-accident, but only one vehicle seems to have been involved.  When they get into town, they are accosted by the town's-people who want to know how it is they managed to get into town.  They discover that the people of the town are trapped, and they are now trapped with them, being held by forces that they are struggling to discover and understand.  Several of the town's children have gone missing, and a strange coven of elderly people seems to be behind it all.  This coven is meeting to perform a particular ritual in the name of their Lord, Satan, of which the abducted children are to participate.
 The Brotherhood of Satan is what I would consider a cinematographic curiosity.  Released three years after Rosemary's Baby, with which it shares many commonalities and was probably greatly influenced by, The Brotherhood of Satan is not frightening nor even all-to-deep.  Basically, the viewer sits through 92 minutes of story that could have been told in 30 with the same effect.  The Brotherhood of Satan is a somewhat intellectual film, presenting (like Rosemary's Baby) the possibility that an alternate morality exists parallel to the mainstream, and that those who engage in that morality are as normal outwardly as anyone else, enjoy successful and fulfilling lives, and know a spirituality that is often more substantial.

 Even more interesting is the fact that a real "Brotherhood of Satan" (Google it) exists in Georgia, gathering once a year, who were no doubt influenced, if not inspired by, this film.  They appear significantly less sophisticated and successful than the coven portrayed in this film, more like a convention of role-playing enthusiasts than an actual Satanist Organization, but an amusing side-note none-the-less.

 This film is worth viewing particularly for the coven-scenes.  The ritual chamber is very imaginative, as the ritual itself and the admonition of one of the coven's members who fell out of favor with the Dark Lord.  The end of the film has a slight twist, again suggesting something unexpected about the potential of Satanists.  


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