Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Movie Review: Deadgirl

 In Return of the Living Dead 3, teen-age boys were treated to the prospect of a zombie love-slave.  We had mixed feelings of disgust and titillation as we watched the female character, Julie, slowly transform into a flesh-eating zombie, staving off her urges only by piercing her body with a variety of objects (eventually leaving her a pierced riot-grrl that made the image all that more intense).  By the end of the film, though, both the girl and her boyfriend accept their mutual doom, each becoming zombies and are presumably destroyed.  

 The pseudo-necrophilia was never actually addressed.

 Now, we have Deadgirl, the zombie film that goes were many of us have discussed, but has yet to be filmed.  Ricky and JT are two high school losers.  Ricky is the sensitive type who is pining for the girl who gave him his first kiss when he was 12 and who now dates the top-jock in their school.  JT is a scuzzy opportunist who's only real concern is indulging his base-urges.

 They skip school and go exploring the local abandoned asylum (every small town has an abandoned asylum, right?).  While exploring the asylum, they find a door that is behind a bunch of abandoned equipment and rusted shut.  When they force the door, they find a room that looks like it has not been opened for years.  

 Inside the room, they find the body of a young woman covered with a plastic sheet and strapped to a table.  Even her mouth is tied down with a leather-strap.  At first they think she is dead, but she languidly begins to move while they watch.  Ricky starts to freak out, and when JT suggests that they keep her, it is too much for Ricky, and he leaves.  

 Being a horny teen-age high school male, the siren song of an available nude woman is too much for Ricky to resist, so when JT says there is something more to see, he goes with him.  JT reveals that while raping this catatonic woman strapped to a table, she lashed out, and when she did, JT choked her to "death", breaking her neck.

 But, she didn't die.  To further demonstrate this seeming impossibility, JT shoots her, twice.  She doesn't die.  

 JT and Ricky agree to keep the dead girl a secret, but eventually the secret gets out, and things start to go down hill.

 Deadgirl is a sick zombie-fantasy, and I think they only use the word "zombie" once.  The production value is high, and I would say that the acting is fair.  The characters are a little one-dimensional, but this is a story about sex-crazed teen-agers who have a zombie-girl as a hostage.  This zombie-flic goes where no zombie-flic has gone before.  Deadgirl is well worth the watch.

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