Monday, August 15, 2011

Movie Review: The Human Centipede

 I have been seeing this film billed as possible the grossest horror film of all time... so my expectations were fairly high.  I had been hearing the hype and understood the premise; a deranged surgeon kidnaps some victims and surgically attaches them ass-to-mouth, forming a conjoined being sharing one gastrointestinal tract.
 That means that each "segment" of the construct after the first is forced to eat the shit of the one ahead of it.

 The film had a campy beginning.  Two girls are in Germany doing a "European Road-trip", when they get lost in the woods and blow a tire on their car.  They wander through the woods until they come upon the house of our deranged surgeon.  He manages to drug one via a glass of water, but the other spills her drink, forcing him to knock her around a bit and get her with a syringe.

 The production values of the film are surprisingly high, and the acting is impressive, although Dieter Laser, while an imposing figure, does not come off nearly as frightening or intimidating as he was trying to be in his role as Dr. Heiter, the surgeon.  There is an attempt at comedy near the beginning when an old man finds the girls in their impaired vehicle and suggests (in German) that the three of them should have sex.  The rest of the film is fairly intense; working through an escape attempts, training the new "centipede", and the eventual arrival of the police.  

 The film isn't bad.  It isn't frightening, it isn't all that gross, at least visually (conceptually it is a pretty sick idea).  While worth seeing, it didn't live up to the hype.

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  1. OH. The Human Centipede. I have watched many foreign horror films and this was one of them before it became the hype that it somehow did. I would have to agree with, "It isn't frightening, It isn't all that gross," ... If anything, The Human Centipede was (slightly) entertaining.