Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Movie Review: Species III

 Species III should have simply been subtitled "She Goes Straight to Video".  The first Species was cool; it had some great actors, was a titillating spin on the alien-invader concept, and introduced more great creature design by H.R. Giger (the designer of the alien in Alien).  The second Species was decent, kind of more of the same when compared to the first.  This third installment has low-production value, "C-list" actors, and has a plot that may as well be an after-school special when compared to the first film. (It premiered on the Sci-Fi channel, which no doubt put some constraints on its production).

Is it me, or is her head a little big?
  The film begins were the second film ended.  Eve is apparently dead and is being taken in a military truck to... wherever.  On the way, the truck is attacked and an alien "half-breed" kills Eve as she gives birth.  The succession of alien women being engineered have each been closer to the alien model, more "perfect" than the last.  However, the intermittent steps to that perfection have resulted in a species of half-breeds that lack the genetic vigor of the main-line.  Dr. Abbot, the driver of the truck carrying Eve's body, rescues the newborn and runs off into the woods from both the half-breeds and the military.

Her head as the alien got smaller.
 Eve's daughter, Sara, quickly matures, and the half-breeds seek her out to breed and re-invigorate their own line.  Sara has no interest in breeding with the half-breeds due to their genetic failings, wanting a mate as "perfect" as herself, although the seems to flirt with the idea of mating with Dean, Dr. Abbot's lab-assistant.  The movie proceeds through several misadventures with Dean, half-breeds, and the military, with Dean struggling over the issues of whether he has a right to deny Sara a male companion.  

 This film really had nothing interesting to offer.  The story is ho-hum, it is not really that gory or sexually titillating (the unrated version includes some full-frontal nudity, but a naked girl just walking around is a naked girl just walking around).  Species is one of those franchises that should have not spawned more than the second sequel.

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