Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Movie Review: Zombie Women of Satan


 I have mixed feelings about this film.  It is more comedy than horror film, and it looks like a small group of friends who came up with a ridiculous plot for a film and actually got someone to produce it.  This can be both good or bad, and with this film it can go either way.

 The film features a troupe of characters; Ring-master Johhny Dee Hellfire, burlesque dancer Harmony Starr, Zeus the dwarf strong-man, Damage the "stunt" man, and Pervo the knife-throwing clown.  For me, this troupe was the highlight of the film; a Jim Rose Circus wanna-be group that has a raunchy patter about of deviant sex, masturbation, breasts, defecation, drugs, and drinking.  They are all British, Scottish, Irish (I know there is a difference and forgive me if I can't make it out based on accent alone), and have a sense of humor that leans in that direction.  Think "Benny Hill" uncensored and gone wild.  If it were not for this group and their antics, this would just be another bad zombie flic.

 It is still just another bad zombie flic, but the comedy helps a little... a very little.

 Added to this mix is Skye Brannigan, a hard-rocking female bad-ass who's sister is missing and who's musical career is on hold until she finds her.  She is touring with the troupe as a solo-act to aid in her search.  They are all invited to be interviewed on an Internet-based talk-show by Tycho Zander.  Unnown to our eclectic group of heroes, Zander and his family also maintain a cult of attractive young women who feel unsafe in the regular world, and seek the safety offered by Tycho's estate and philosophy.

 Tycho and his family drug the girls, keeping them docile, and use them as their own personal sex-toys.  In addition, Tycho's father, Henry Zander, is experimenting with a chemical that appears to re-animate dead flesh, resulting in a psychotic and near mindless killer.  The most recent version of this "re-animant" (they don't use that word in the film, but you know that is where the concept originated) seems to be the most successful, resulting in a more durable "patient" marked by excessive bleeding from the orifices, including the vagina and (oddly) the nipples.  Tycho's two sisters act as enforcers for the cult, and Mother Zander is a sex-fiend chained to a bathroom wall begging to be touched, fucked, and occasionally given female corpses to play with.

 When the troupe is on the property for their interview on Tycho's show, a bit of the most recent zombie's blood gets into a punch-bowl, and the punch is shared by nearly every girl in the cult, turning them all into zombies.  The girls spent their time in white lingerie, with many of them topless, so they become topless female zombies in white lingerie. 

 Dozens of them.

 Still, not a very good flic.

 To tie everything together, Skye's sister, Rachel, is one of the cultists who was not transformed into a zombie.  When Skye catches a glimpse of her with the Zanders, she refuses to leave the compound without her.  The troupe bludgeons there way through the zombies to rescue Rachael and face-off with the Zander clan.

 On the way, we discover that zombies can be pacified temporarily with sexual stimulation.

 Still, not a very good zombie flic. 

 If you are curious, and have a couple of hours to waste, well, you could do worse.

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