Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Memorabilia Review: Freddy Kruger and Jason Vorhees Prop Replicas

 I have picked up some odd bits of horror film memorabilia over the years.  Two of the best pieces I have acquired relatively recently.  Both are replicas of actual props, built to the same standards or nearly the same standards as actual props used in the films themselves. Both are iconic items familiar to every horror-fan.

 The first prop is a replica of the hockey mask which has become the iconic symbol of the Friday the 13th franchise, even though the mask itself did not appear until the third film of the series.  Jason Vorhees, the maniac-killer of Crystal Lake, wore this mask to his his facial deformities.

 This prop is made of a hard-plastic resin, closer to ceramic than plastic in feel.  It has metal fasteners for the straps attached, and the head-straps themselves are artificially-aged.  The straps of the mask are not sized to fit a regularly shaped head properly.  Rather, they are stretched and adjusted to fit over the misshapen Vorhees mask.

 Oddly enough, I picked this item up, which clearly says "This is not a toy" on its box, at Toys R Us.  I have a feeling it was an oversight on the part of the office that does ordering for their company.  I have yet to see a return of this item or anything like it at that toy-store... but that is not surprising.  They used to be THE source for McFarlane Toys, and not all you can ever find their are sports or military McFarlane Figures.

  The next prop is much more impressive.  It is the glove of nightmare slasher Freddy Kruger from the A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise.  Child-murderer Kruger killed his victims, both before and after he died, with this glove; a work glove modified with blades on the end of each finger.  

 I had two options from the same company when I picked this item up.  One option, for about a third of the price, was made of plastic.  It was very convincing in appearance, but not nearly as convincing as the more expensive model I picked up.  This glove is made of actual metal; copper and pressed-tin.  The blades themselves are blunt, but it is still an imposing looking prop.  The local trick-or-treaters don't know what to think when they see it.

 This piece was picked-up at a Halloween-shop... one of those places that opens just for the season, and then usually turns into a Christmas decoration after Halloween.  They actually only had a couple of these at this shop, and it is another item I have not seen in a store since, although they are now going for as much as $100 on some Internet sites.

 Both props are of the highest possible quality.  I figure if your going to have something like this, you might as well have the best.

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