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Misfits Box Set

 I love the Misfits.  In particular, I love the Misfits when they were fronted by Glenn Danzig.  Over the years, I have had in my possession a number of Misfit albums, most of which were various compilations or live recordings, often with over-lapping tracks.  When the Misfits Collections (two seperate CDs with a huge list of tracks on each) came out, I no longer needed many of the albums I had in my collection, with the exception of maybe "Evilive".  The Collections included for the most part everything the Misfits had put out.

 Then came this box-set. 

 There is simply not a more comprehensive collection of Misfits tracks ever released to the public.  It has 104 remastered tracks including; COLLECTIONS I AND II, LEGACY OF BRUTALITY, EARTH A.D., EVILLIVE, and even the legendary long lost STATIC AGE album.  Rarities, unreleased material, and probably every noise the Misfits ever committed to tape are included in this set.  In addition to practicly everything by the Misfits, Eerie Von of SAMHAIN provides a 28 page booklet of liner-notes and lyrics, unreleased photos, artwork, the complete discography, and fiends are treated to a fired-enamel "Fiends Club" badge.

 All of this comes in a coffin-shaped black box with a faux-velour lined interior.  Awesome!

 My personal collection, pictured above, is a bit more exstensive; a collection of Misfit patches, a  "Fiends Club" button, and of course the iconic t-shirt.  The box-set alone is a real treat for any Misfits fan, providing hours of tracks to sate any need for a Misfits fix.  The Misfits defined "horror-punk", setting the bar high for all other bands to follow to try to match.  If you want to know where it all started, then get this set.

Misfits - Collection I (1986)
She 1:21
1-02Hollywood Babylon 2:17
1-03Horror Business 2:42
1-04Teenagers From Mars 2:33
1-05Night Of The Living Dead 1:51
1-06Where Eagles Dare 2:06
1-07Vampira 1:19
1-08I Turned Into A Martian 1:41
1-09Skulls 1:56
1-10London Dungeon
Guitar – Robbie Alter 
1-11Ghouls Night Out 1:56
1-12Astro Zombies 2:09
1-13Mommy, Can I Go Out And Kill Tonight? 1:58
1-14Die Die My Darling 3:07
Collection II (1995)
1-15Cough / Cool
Drum Programming, Keyboards – Glenn Danzig 
1-16Children In Heat 2:05
1-17Horror Hotel 1:25
1-18Halloween 1:50
1-19Halloween II 2:11
1-20Hate Breeders
Drums – Eerie Von 
Drums – Eerie Von
1-22Nike A Go Go
Drums – Eerie Von
1-23Devils Whorehouse
Drum Programming – Glenn Danzig 
1-24Mephisto Waltz
Drums – Eerie Von
1-25Rat Fink 1:50
1-26We Bite 1:13
Legacy Of Brutality (1985)
2-01Static Age 1:45
2-02TV Casualty 2:33
2-03Hybrid Moments 1:38
2-04Spinal Remains 1:23
2-05Come Back 4:59
2-06Some Kinda Hate 2:04
2-07Theme For A Jackal
Keyboards – Glenn Danzig 
2-08Angelfuck 1:34
2-09Who Killed Marilyn? 1:55
2-10Where Eagles Dare 1:57
2-11She 1:21
2-12Halloween 1:46
2-13American Nightmare 1:42
Evilive (1987)
2-1420 Eyes (Live) 1:55
2-15Night Of The Living Dead (Live) 1:43
2-16Astro Zombies (Live) 2:03
2-17Horror Business (Live) 2:05
2-18London Dungeon (Live) 2:14
2-19Nike A Go Go (Live) 3:22
2-20Hate Breeders (Live) 2:39
2-21Devils Whorehouse (Live) 1:40
2-22All Hell Breaks Loose (Live) 1:33
2-23Horror Hotel (Live) 1:12
2-24Ghouls Night Out (Live) 1:42
2-25We Are 138 (Live)
Vocals [Additional] – Henry Rollins 
Earth A.D. (1984)
2-26Earth A.D. 2:08
2-27Queen Wasp 1:30
2-28Devilock 1:25
2-29Death Comes Ripping 1:53
2-30Green Hell 1:52
2-31Wolfs Blood 1:11
2-32Demonomania 0:43
2-33Bloodfeast 2:28
2-34Hellhound 1:13
Rare And Unreleased Studio Session Tracks (1977-1986)
3-01Cough / Cool
Electric Piano – Glenn Danzig
Drums – Manny
Electric Piano – Glenn Danzig
Drums – Manny
3-03Who Killed Marilyn? 1:58
3-04Where Eagles Dare 2:00
3-05Horror Business 2:42
3-06Teenagers From Mars 2:32
3-07Children In Heat 2:05
3-08Night Of The Living Dead 2:02
3-09Where Eagles Dare 1:51
3-10Vampira 1:36
3-11Violent World
Guitar – Robbie Alter 
3-12Who Killed Marilyn? 1:50
3-13Spook City U.S.A. 2:13
3-14Horror Business 2:32
3-15I Turned Into A Martian 1:49
3-16Skulls 1:52
3-17Night Of The Living Dead 1:51
3-18Astro Zombies 2:13
3-19Where Eagles Dare 1:37
3-20Violent World
Guitar – Robbie Alter 
3-21Halloween II 2:28
3-2220 Eyes 2:07
3-23I Turned Into A Martian 1:57
3-24Astro Zombies 2:13
3-25Vampira 1:19
3-26Devils Whorehouse 1:44
3-27Nike A Go Go
Keyboards – Glenn Danzig
3-28Hate Breeders 3:07
3-2920 Eyes 1:45
3-30Violent World
Guitar – Robbie Alter
Static Age (1996)
4-01Static Age 1:46
4-02TV Casualty 2:23
4-03Some Kinda Hate 1:59
4-04Last Caress 1:55
4-05Return Of The Fly 1:34
4-06Hybrid Moments 1:40
4-07We Are 138 1:40
4-08Teenagers From Mars 2:48
4-09Come Back 4:57
4-10Angelfuck 1:36
4-11Hollywood Babylon 2:17
4-12Attitude 1:28
4-13Bullet 1:36
4-14Theme For A Jackal 2:35

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