Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Movie Review: The Pyx

 I picked up The Pyx simply because it features Karen Black and has something to do with Satanism... although it seems like many films that have something to do with Satanism The Pyx has more to do with the Catholic Church.  Set in Canada, the film starts with a woman falling from a building to the streets below.  She is wearing a gown and has with her a cross and a "pyx"; a small metal conatiner which is meant to allow the eucharist to be carried from the church to a person who is too ill or infirmed to go to mass and receive communion.  These items with the body suggest that she may be a suicide, but one of the detectives suspects otherwise.

 With surprising speed, the detective discovers that the victim was a prostitute and heroine addict.  It also appears that she may have been involved with some kind of Satanic Cult, and that her involvement with that Cult may have lead to her demise.  The rest of the film basicly tells the victim's story, leading up to the detective tracking down and confronting the leader of the Satanic Cult. 

 The film lacks in every way that you would think it should have strengths in.  It is billed as a "horror-thriller", but it is neither horrorfying nor thrilling.  Actually, it is kind of boring.  It is a story about a prostitute, but there is no sex and only a brief bit of nudity.  The prostitute is a drug-addict, but she only actually shoots-up once in the film.  There is a Satanist Cult, but there is next to nothing demonic or intimidating about the cult. 
 You basicly watch the movie anticipating something happening, but nothing ever does.

 Perhaps if the film had been billed as a detective mystery, I might have appreciated it more.  My understanding is that the US version does not do the original production justice, and the cinematography was considerably better.  I doubt seeing slightly-improved production value would make the film any more entertaining for those expecting horror.

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