Saturday, October 1, 2011

Movie Review: Satan's Little Helper

  Satan's Little Helper is one of those horror-movies that thinks it is a comedy.  The problem is that it is neither frightening nor funny.

 "Dougie" is obsessed with a slasher-video-game, "Satan's Little Helper", which requires the player to run around killing other characters without getting caught by the police.  Halloween is his favorite holiday, and he is going as Satan's Little Helper.  His sister is coming home from college, and Dougie is a little more than obsessed with her as well (in a way that would be truly creepy if he were just a few years older, rather than mildly disconcerting).  The down-side for Dougie is that his sister is bringing her boyfriend.  

 No one seems to wonder what kind of institution of higher learning sends the kids home for the Halloween Holiday.  Most take a 2-day break for Thanksgiving and maybe a 2-week break for Christmas and New Years.  If Halloween is on a weekday, most schools are still in session.  Must be a school where you can major in umbrella-opening.

 Meanwhile, someone in a monster-mask is killing people in the neighborhood and setting the corpses in front of their homes like Halloween decorations.  Dougie, frustrated by the presence of his sister's boyfriend, leaves the house and witnesses the killer at work.  He concludes that the killer is Satan, and that this is the real-life version of his favorite game.  Dougie asks "Satan" if he can help, and if in return "Satan" will kill his sister's boyfriend.  The killer silently nods in agreement, and seems enthusiastic about the prospect, taking Dougie under his wing.  

 Eventually, "Satan" dispatches the boyfriend (or appears to do so), and Dougie's sister and mother convince themselves that the killer in the costume is the boyfriend who has really gotten into the role.  "Satan" never speaks, but gets to get a little frisky and creepy with the family before the return of the boyfriend, not nearly as dead as we thought.  The killer then reveals his real nature, leading to a series of close-calls, deaths, and attempts at camp-humor, culminating with the killer trying to get revenge on the townspeople with Dougie's mother as a hostage and instrument of the act. 

 My synopsis is better than the film.  Lame story, lame acting, lame special effects... just lame.


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