Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Movie Review: A Nightmare on Elms Street (2010)

 At first, I was willing to give this movie some allowances.  It is a remake, or rather what is referred to as a "reboot".  The premise is roughly the same as the original, but aspects of the story have been altered.  While I can applaud the effort to make the film different, grittier, and more modern, the result leaves something to be desired.

 My biggest criticism is the change in the premise which paints Krueger as a child-molester instead of a child-killer.  There is enough innuendo in the original series of films to suggest that Kruger did molest and torture his victims, but his prime motivation was killing them.  Krueger was a sick individual who was acting against the world he hated by destroying that which was most innocent and precious (and, if you follow the story-arch in the film, children where the necessary victims which gave him his powers).

 A child-molester is a much more realistic, but also more common monster.  This portrayal diminishes the character, taking him way from the fantastic and making him cheap.  I would have much rather seen a Freddy Krueger who was born in the circumstances we are familiar with (a nun raped by 1000 maniacs and raised by a sadistically abusive family), nurtured by the demonic voices in his head leading to the secret to a kind of power and immortality.  That Freddy Krueger is maniacal, driven, and frightening.  The remake is shabby by comparison.

 Modern special effects were an improvement over the original film, but while the first film earned its R-rating, the remake does so just barely, completely avoiding any nudity (the original kept the nudity to a minimum) and being more suggestive about violence than actually presenting violence.  While I can understand that the characters were supposed to be dazed and tired, the acting was still flat.  The writing and plot seemed confused... unsure of where it was going even though everyone in the audience already knew.

 All in all, the remake of A Nightmare On Elm Street was a disappointment.  Given the choice, see the original.

 The Walpurgisnacht release date was a nice marketing touch.

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