Friday, January 20, 2012


  I have been a fan of the Alien franchise since its inception, from the films to the toys.  Alien cemented my interest in the artwork of HR Giger, though I was familiar with the Swiss artist's work on a cursory basis.  Alien was my introduction to the work of Ridley Scott, who rarely disappoints.  Later installments of the franchise may have had greater production values or more impressive special effects, but Scott's Alien is still the best.

 But, based on the trailer of the next installment by Ridley Scott, my loyalty to the original may have some competition.
 Very little is actually being said about the film, slated for release in 2012.  It is related enough to the Alien franchise to be considered a prequel, though the trailer seems to focus on the "Space Jockey" alien seen briefly in the original film (ship and alien designed by HR Giger).  A human vessel, The Prometheus, is carrying a team of researchers who are chasing information related to the origins of mankind.  Their journey takes them to the far-corners of the galaxy, where they encounter something terrifying.
 Beyond that, it has been suggested that Scott will be offering some information about the beginnings of both humanity and the "xenomorph" from the franchise.  The infamous xenomorph will not actually be in this film, or at least that is the word at this point.  Regardless, just based on the trailer alone, the film looks epic.

 This site appears to be the best for updates on Prometheus.  The link takes you to a detailed breakdown of one of the trailers.

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