Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Movie Review: Leprechaun in the Hood

I knew this was a mistake even as I suggested it.  We were having a little get-together for St. Paddy's day, and we wanted to watch a film related in some manner to the Irish.

 "How about Leprechaun?" I suggested like an idiot.

 My girlfriend couldn't find any films from Leprechaun other than Leprechaun in the Hood and its sequel, Leprechaun Back in the Hood.

 If you want to know how to make something bad even worse, make it ghetto.

 The film opens with Mack Daddy (played by Ice-T and a character name that is a testament to the writing prowess behind this film) and his partners going into the sewers apparently in search of the Leprechaun and his loot.  The Leprechaun has been turned to stone by the necklace he wear around his neck.  Mack Daddy only wants one item, the Leprechaun's magic-flute.  His partner is welcome to the rest of the loot, and he mistakenly removes the necklace from the Leprechaun, reviving him.  The Leprechaun kills Mack Daddy's partner, but in a freak accident ends up with the necklace back around his neck and returned to stone.

 Years later, in Compton, CA, we are introduced to Post Master P, Stray Bullet, and Butch, a struggling rap-group that is trying to make its way to a competition in Las Vegas.  Post Master P is trying to spread a positive message through his rap, while Stray and Butch are in it for the money and lifestyle.  A chance encounter with Mack Daddy, made wealthy and powerful by the Leprechaun's loot, leads the young men to Mack Daddy's office for an interview and possibly being signed as artists on Mack Daddy's record label.  Mack Daddy keeps the Leprechaun as a statue in a glass case in his office.  When Mack Daddy insists that the group do "gangsta" rap, and Postmaster P insists on a positive message, Mack Daddy rejects the crew.

 Angered by Mack Daddy's treatment of them, the crew decide to rob the nefarious hustler.  The break-in goes horribly wrong, and through the crew does escape with some of the Leprechaun's loot, they also accidentally free the Leprechaun.  Post Master P ends up with the flute and discovers its hypnotic powers, but each time he plays it he attracts the attention of the Leprechaun.  The Leprechaun has also enlisted Mack Daddy to help retrieve his loot, but Mack Daddy clearly has his own agenda.

 My synopsis sounds far better than the actual film. 

 The film is a long string of one-line jokes, minimal gore, and no nudity.  The funniest thing about the film is seeing Ice-T in a ridiculous afro-wig.  Since the film is about rap music, there are plenty of moments of rap.  Since rap is always bad, and this film is awful, the resulting rap is atrocious. 

 Yet, they made a sequel.

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