Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Movie Review: Demon Seduction

 There are really only two things you can say are consistent about Brain Damage Films; they aren't afraid of cheap special effects and they aren't afraid of full-frontal nudity.

 Demon Seduction as a horror film is lame and boring.  As a soft-core porn-film, it is better than most.

 The film begins with a history lesson about a race of lizard-aliens which created humanity as a slave-race.  Humanity was too aggressive, so they created a second race, the Grey Aliens... You know, the really skinny guys with the black football-shaped eyes from The X-Files.  The lizards left our world, and the Greys have been manipulating us ever since.

 Somehow, this has something to do with a cult of women who are trying to reverse genetic-engineer the lizard-aliens.  Both humanity and the Greys were created from lizard-alien genetic-stock.  The overweight head-researcher (the only researcher, really) also happens to frequent a strip-club, so a good part of the film are stripper sets featuring second-rate strippers (or third-rate starlets) getting as nude as they can get while dancing around a pole.

Just another day at the office.
 One of the girls trying out at the strip-club is put -off by the owner's advances.  Another of the strippers invites her and her pregnant girlfriend to come live at the all-women commune, and the cult begins experimenting on the pregnant girl to try to engineer the baby into an alien.  In the process, two nude girls play in a swimming pool, one of the girls has sex with a neighbor guy before choking him to death, and it becomes clear that these women believe that in their world only women can be allowed to live.

 The film proceeds through various guys being seduced and killed (they need the blood to feed the fetus), lots of lesbian sex-scenes, and some minimal plot.  At one point in the film, one of the girls is voluntarily donating some blood through a little lesbian blood-play.  The scene includes several minutes of the knife being ran along the outer labia of the actress before finally running up and down her labial-split, fake-blood dripping all the while.  All this literally fills the screen.

 Like I said, no fear of full-frontal nudity.

 The pregnant cultist eventually gives birth to a greenish fetus (allowing for another view of labia to dominate the screen.  The baby has problems with breast-feeding, because, well, it's a lizard.  The film ends with the lead cultist cuddling and cooing over the little-green lump, discussing the eventual fall of man.  

If you've got to die, there are less pleasant ways.
 The cover of the film says the title is Demon Seduction, while the title-screen of the film says Demon Sex.  This is just a hint at how cheap the over-all production of the film is.  Some of the women are attractive, but must of the budget was blown on paying women you normally would not want to see nude to get more nude than you might expect.  This left no funds for things like special-effects, sets (they would cut to a crude paper mock-up of the cult-house between scenes), or the real luxuries like writing and acting.

 But, there are lots of vaginas, a whole lot of groaning and grinding, and LOADS of boobs.

 I say see Demon Seduction only if your going to make a drinking-game of it.  Every time there is a clear shot of a vag, take a drink.

 You'll be smashed by the end of the film.

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  1. you are right. as soft core porn it is way better than most.