Monday, July 16, 2012

Movie Review: Black Cat/Demons 6/De Profundis

 This film has apparently been released under so many titles that it may be a little difficult to find... if it were worth the effort.  The film itself suffers from the same problem.  It is like several writers each wrote individual stories, tore the stories into sections, put them in a hat, and them drew sections one-by-one to create a plot.

 Anna is a new mother and actress married to a writer/director of horror films.  He and his partner are working on a new story about a witch named "Levana".  The use of that name seems to invoke an actual witch, who has been dead for a century or more.  Levana refuses to be portrayed by Anna on screen, and begins terrorizing her dreams.

 At least at first.

 Later it is revealed that Levana is the focus of a cult which includes both the film's producer and Anna's actress-friend and rival.  Or maybe the actress-friend, Nora, is actually the witch, since she seduces Anna's husband.  No, Nora is a pawn of the witch, and the witch kills her when she fails to kill Anna.  Wait, there is also a fairy that is trying to help Anna either destroy the witch or make peace with it.  Levana is dead and immortal according to a local psychic who read about the witch in an old occult tome.  Using her name invokes her, and she either needs to posses the body of a young woman or must possess a man and then sacrifice a child in order to come back to life.

 Got all that?

 Never mind.  Levana is actually a mutant named Sarah.  Sarah has psychic powers that allow her to make people see and believe whatever she wants.  Only Anna seems resistant.  Anna is able to resists because she has the power to manipulate time itself, and uses that power to effectively reverse all the ills Sarah committed, leading to an ideal world where her husband loves only her, her baby is safe, Sarah is not evil, Nora is her best friend, and the film is produced and becomes the greatest movie ever shot.

 Unlike this film.

 If you find yourself watching this film, and it will be by mistake because of the number of titles it was released under, shut your television off immediately.

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