Friday, July 20, 2012

Movie Review: The Human Centipede II: Full Sequence

 What the hell did I just watch?!
 When The Human Centipede was first released, I heard all kinds of hype about how sick and disturbing the film was.  Watching it, I found the film to be rather tame.  Conceptually, the idea of sewing three people together, ass-to-mouth, is twisted, but the depiction was not as gruesome as the hype suggested.
 Tom Six makes up for all that in The Human Centipede 2.  He makes up for it in spades. 
 Martin is a lumpy little security guard in a parking garage somewhere in the UK.  He lives in a flat with his mother, and although he is an adult well into his 30s or 40s, he seems to have a child-like mind.  His mother is a domineering woman who continuously berates him.  He has asthma, and must use an inhaler whenever he gets too excited.  He is a huge fan of the film, The Human Centipede.
The new face of horror...
 Martin decides he can perform the experiment.  In fact, Martin will take the experiment to a whole new level, using 12 individuals.
 The film is show almost entirely in black-and-white, with only a few scenes where the color brown is visible.  Initially, I thought this might have been to try to give the film some kind of art-house legitimacy, but it seems that Tom Gun decided while editing the film that the black-and-white version looked scarier.  The film is a series of gritty, gory, almost surreal scenes.  Martin is shown collecting his victims, at first from the patrons of the parking garage that either excite him sexually or frustrate him with their callous abuse.  He eventually turns his malice on everyone around him; his inconsiderate tattooed neighbor, the "doctor" that sees him about his mental health, even his mother.  The gore is compounded by other disturbing psychological kinks.  One of the victims has a young boy who Martin leaves in a car in the parking garage, stopping to wave hello to him as Martin takes more victims.  Another scene has his mother lecturing him about the truth as to why his father is in prison.
That's just not right.
 This just compounds the depravity depicted on screen.  The film was banned in the UK until about 2 and 1/2 minutes were cut from it.  I have to wonder what ended up on the cutting-room floor.  I found myself asking throughout the film if I really saw what I just saw.  Is he really doing that?  What was that under the accelerator?  She just did what with a funnel? 
  Clearly, I liked this film.  Absolutely a must-see horror movie.

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