Thursday, July 12, 2012

Movie Review: Nude for Satan


 The film starts like a lame joke or camp-fire story.  Dr. Benson happens upon a car-crash and a young woman hanging from the vehicle's window while driving through the country one night.  Ignoring any concerns for head or spine injuries, he loads the girl into his car and seeks out the nearest residence, a dark and spooky castle.  He leaves the girl in the car and goes to the castle seeking assistance, only to find that the girl, or another girl that looks exactly like the one from the crash, is not only there waiting for him, but seems to know him (though she refers to him by a different name). 

 From here, things proceed to become truly ridiculous.

 It seems that Dr. Benson and the young woman, Susan, are migrating souls (my term, not the films).  Sometime in their past, they engaged in some kind of pact with the strange and enigmatic master of the castle (who either is Satan or an agent of Satan).  The Doctor and Susan are confronted by their doppelgangers, aspects of themselves that recall their past and are indulgent and perverse.  Initially, Dr. Beson can only see Susan's doppelganger, and vice-verse, and they mistake their lustful counterparts for the real versions.  Dr. Benson spends his limited part in the story trying to convince the Susan doppelganger that they have to leave before eventually succumbing to her charms.  Susan, whom the film seems actually focused on until the end, is being seduced not by the Benson-doppelganger but by the master of the castle and his minions, a lesbian-hotty and a creep old man-servant.  Time has no meaning on the castle-grounds, with day and night passing much more quickly than normal... in some cases instantly.  Throughout the film, Susan is treated to a variety of erotic and sometimes horrific situations.  She is bathed and pleasured by the female servant, only to later see the same servant whipped, then stabbed in a ritual, then appear just fine.  She eventually falls into a trap, lands on a giant spider-web, and is attacked by a slow-moving, cheesy looking, dog-sized spider.  The real Dr. Benson saves the day and discovers the truth, finally encountering his own doppelganger which leads him to the final ritual where it appears he is given the choice to either embrace his perversions or take steps to destroy them.

This is a scene from the film or a party at my house.

 Once again, I manage to write a better tale than what was actually depicted.  The film was shot in 1970's Europe, which means that their is plenty of full-frontal female nudity with so much pubic-hair that the women may as well be wearing bikini-bottoms.  The various scenes try to be psychedelic, perhaps a decade too late, with most scenes simply being an excuse to get the female lead topless or completely nude.  It often seems like two different production teams are involved.  One it trying to tell a Gothic tale, while the other is trying to shoot a porno, with the end result being spliced together in the cutting-room.  The fact that there is a Dutch hard-core version only supports this possibility.

 Since Astaroth, and not Satan, is invoked by the master of the castle, the title isn't very appropriate.  You'd be better off watching something else.

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