Thursday, July 12, 2012

Movie Review: Tokyo Gore Police

 Tokyo Gore Police lives up to its title.  It is a fun, over-the-top, splatter-fest.
 In a dystopic future, the latest fad is cutting yourself with designer razor blades, Tokyo is being harassed by psychotic mutants called "engineers", and the city has turned to a private police force to deal with this and any other threat.  Ruka is a special member of the police, known for her skill at killing engineers and leading the investigation into their origins.  Engineers do not die from their initial wounds.  Instead, the wound becomes a lethal and often impossible weapon (severed arms turn into chainsaws and a severed penis turns into a cannon, for example).  Each engineer has somewhere in its body a key-shaped tumor of unknown origin.  The engineers are violently psychotic before they are damaged, becoming even more lethal when they are wounded. 
Looks normal to me.
 Ruka has her own issues.  She joined the police force in order to hunt down and avenge her father, who was a regular police officer and was assassinated by an unknown assailant for protesting the privatization of the police force.  In the meantime, she coolly and stoically performs her task, wielding a samurai sword with viscous efficiency against the engineers.
 Let's talk about blood-fountains for a moment, shall we?  Every time someone is wounded, the result is not a trickle of blood, not a spurt, but a massive spray like a yard-sprinkler has been turned on.  Loose and arm?  Blood-fountain.  Decapitated? Blood-fountain.  Paper-cut? Blood-fountain.  Started your period?  BLOOD-FOUNTAIN.  You end up seeing it so many times that you get used to it.
Yep, nothing to see here.
 All the special effects are old-school.  The special effects reminded me of the Power Rangers, except gory and perverted (not to say that the Power Rangers did not have its own perverted and gory moments).  The film has a story, but in general it seems that the special-effects crew was simply trying to come-up with the most twisted and perverse effects and scenarios possible.  I mentioned already that a penis is cut off and becomes a cannon.  There is a fetish auction were reconstructed women are being sold to the perverted-elite.  Among the oddities is a woman who has been fashioned into a chair.  Another woman has had her breasts cut vertically and stapled back together.  Other oddities are displayed.  They are all engineers, and attack the men who have paid for their services.  There is the obligatory fellatio leading to the penis being bitten-off and spat-out.  One of the women's legs, cut off at the knees, mutate into alligator jaws opening and closing while revealing her genitalia as the alligator's throat. 
Stare too long and you'll go blind.
 All-in-all, it is pretty messed-up.
 Not to give the ending away, but the most over-used Japanese plot-twist is once again presented.  Since the intent seems to be to provide the most graphic images possible and not to actually tell much of a story, this doesn't take much away from the film.
 I would suggest making a drinking-game out of this film, and watching it with female friends.  Every blood-fountain, exposed/exaggerated genitalia, or wince from a member of the audience member should result in a shot.

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