Friday, October 12, 2012

Movie Review: The Dunwich Horror

 Ah, 1970 vintage horror.

 The Dunwich Horror, while not the earliest, is one of the best known film adaptation of the work of H.P. Lovecraft, the notorious horror author who has inspired, well, just about any modern horror author you can throw a stick at.  Like so many adaptations of his work, the end result is a far cry from the original tale.  Despite its camp-cheesiness, this film seems to be a favorite among fans of Lovecraft.

Channeling Aleister Crowely.
 Also, it should be noted that this film was a considerable risk in its day, most notably for casting Sandra Dee as the lead female.  Dee was one of America's sweethearts, the original Gidget, who was best known for her portrayal of innocent and wholesome young women.  While her role as Nancy in this film is not far off from her previous roles, Dee performs her first "nude" scene in this film (you briefly see what might be a nipple during the breast-grouping), and spends a great deal of time writhing sexually on a stone altar... not something expected by American society at the time. 

Hentai... the early years.
 If you ignore how poor of an adaptation this film is and consider it on its own merit, it is a fair offering.  The film has some of that hippy-vibe from the time, but the sets are lush and well-done.  The Whateley House has so much going on in it that you may be tempted to review the interior frame-by-frame.  The entire cast provides great performances.  The special effects are, well, typical of a Roger Corman film from that era, but are used so minimally as to not take away from the film.
Looks like my room.

 All-in-all, it is worth the look.

Topless Promo shot not used in the film.

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