Friday, October 19, 2012

Movie Review: House II: The Second Story

 I am simply a glutton for punishment. 

 I just watched the first House a little more than a week ago.  I had some time to kill today, so instead of doing something productive I decided to get this thing out of my que.  Another 88 minutes of my life I will not get back.

 House II does a few things right. First of all, it gives up the ghost (get it?) trying to be a horror movie and goes for a horror-themed comedy.  For that, and that alone, I feel this was better than the original.  It is intentionally hokey.  The story is entertaining, if ridiculous, and it is full of 80s self-importance and shallow facades.  While having no real connection to the last film, it does include John Ratzenberger as Bill, who's fellow Cheers cast-member George Wendt appeared as the neighbor in the first film.

Aww yeah.  Shit just got real.
 That's about all that is good about it.  The acting was fair given the story, and the special effects were a notch up from purely rubber-suits, though I think a Jim Henson fan was a little too involved with the production.  Jesse, the lead character, is related to the person who made the house, but apparently not to Roger Cobb, the person who grew up in the house with his Aunt and Uncle.  This is never explained in the film, and it bothered me throughout, especially as Jesse thumbs through old photos which had been at the house during its entire existence.  

This film was brought to you by the letters 'f" and 'u'...
 As I write this and do my little bit of extra research, I see that they have made at least two more, and possibly as many as four more sequels.  The third film, "Horror Show", has nothing to do with the series, so perhaps I will get a little reprieve when I watch it.

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