Friday, October 5, 2012

Movie Review: Waxwork

 The movie poster promises far more than this film delivers.  There is a little initial promise; 6 stereo-typical 80s hipsters are invited to visit a mysterious waxwork display at midnight.  After some initially whining about their plights as privileged upper-class kids, they visit the creepy mansion with its gallery of scenes from a variety of horror films.  One by one, they are draw into the scenes, discovering that each represents a real world, and becoming victims of those worlds.

 If that were the whole story, this might have been a cool flic.  No need to tell us about the owner of the gallery or his freak servants.  No need to tie one of the kids to the owner through his grandfather and his cadre of codgers who had a penchant for studying black magic.  Nope, give me half-a-dozen well-done 80s style horror vignettes, and I would be happy. 

Oh God! Let me out of this bad movie!
 Without giving too much of the story away (because it is really not worth going into), one of the plot premises is that there are 18 scenes representing the worlds of 18 evil men/creatures from history.  These scenes are centered on items owned by those 18 men.  Never mind that most of the scenes feature fictional characters (Dracula, a werewolf, the Invisible Man, etc), at least with those scenes you have a central character that you can see has been fictionalized by history.  Tell me, who precisely is the evil man in the Night of the Living Dead scene? 

 Go ahead.  I'll wait.

Yeah... that looks real.
 That's right, there IS NO EVIL PERSON with which to base the scene on, yet there it is!

 And, how... HOW does this thing merit an 'R' rating?  The BDSM?  The guys half-eaten leg?  I'm just not seeing it.

 If you haven't seen it, don't bother.  If you have, my condolences. 

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