Thursday, November 29, 2012

Movie Review: Zombies! Zombies! Zombies!

 You know what you are getting into before you even start the film.  It's a low-budget film ($30,000) about zombies, strippers, drugs, and prostitutes.  You can safely assume you will not be watching the next horror-masterpiece. That said, Zombies! Zombies! Zombies! is moderately entertaining and not nearly as bad as you might expect.

 The film makes use of four sets to tell the story; the strip club, a diner, a laboratory, and a street.  The set-up is simple enough, a local scientist is striving to develop a cure for cancer by creating an "anti-cancer" cell, a cell that copies and regenerates lost cells.  As a favor to a friend, he has also made a synthetic drug that mimics the effects of crack-cocaine without the addictive and harmful qualities.  One night at the lab, a mishap results in the two experimental compounds being mixed, and the addict unknowingly distributes the tainted drug to some local prostitutes.

 The prostitutes have an ongoing rivalry with the strippers at the local club.  There appears to be some history between the two groups; one of the stripper may have worked for pimp Johnny "Backhand" Vegas in the past, and one of the prostitutes is a former stripper or former friend of one of the strippers. The two crews mix it up at the local diner, where the debate between who is "better" seems to rage each evening.  A couple of the prostitutes have partaken in the tainted drug, and during what was about to become a brawl in the diner parking-lot they turn into flesh-eating zombies.  The survivors retreat to the strip-club and barricade themselves inside.  Outside, the zombies attack anyone who shows up in the parking lot, resulting in an increasing number of zombies to await additional victims and to pound on the doors of the club.

Seems legit.
Tits of the damned!
Despite the blood and gore, you can still smell the skank on them.
 The acting is, in a word, bad.  A few of the actors manage to be convincing in their roles.  Having never dealt with a pimp, I can't be certain if the Johnny character is over-the-top or typical for a pimp.  He is obnoxious to a fault, and you can tell in his "death" scene that the writers and director intend for you to relish his demise.  Dakota, one of the stripper, is openly a bitch, but manages to feel some remorse about being a bitch by the end of the film.  The female protagonist, Dallas, is so much the stereotype that she nearly vanishes from interest when compared to the other, more fractured characters.

 The traditional special effects are passable, nothing spectacular as far as zombies are concerned but better than some films.  The CGI is at times laughable, in particular the zombie explosions.  Except for the climax of the film, there really is no CGI to speak of (barring a few head-shots and dismemberments), so the CGI at the climax really stands out.  Most of the money for this film appears to have gone to special effects and topless actresses, but you can tell that the intro and outro credits cost a pretty penny. 

 Despite how bad the film is, I recommend watching though the credits for the "bonus" scene.  It is more of the same, but at least there is a solid effort at humor in it.

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