Thursday, January 31, 2013

Movie Review: Super Hybrid


 I guess, at least conceptually, Super Hybrid is something different.  8/10ths Christine and 2/10ths Alien.  What we have is a killer car that is trapped in a building with a crew of auto-mechanics.  The car is really not a car at all, rather it is some kind of monster that can disguise itself as a car.  This makes it a better predator for hunting humans.

 Nothing beyond that makes this film interesting, and that little bit, the concept, is old shortly after the characters figure it out.  Speaking of the characters, the five main ones are the usual troop of five; the strong asshole, his dorky buddy, the slut, the prince, and the come-from-behind heroine.  They mix it up a little bit by making the prince the heroine's nephew, but it is still the same flat, stereotypical characters common to horror films.
I saw one of these in my toilet.

 Most of the film is shot in minimal light, most likely so that you cannot see the driver in the many, many car scenes.  Beyond the stunts and the high-speed chases in tight spaces, the special-effects are fair.  The reveal in the end reminded me a lot of Cloverfield, probably because of the tentacles.

 PG-13, so the gore is minimal and there is no nudity.  I nearly fell asleep watching this, so if you need a nap, here you go. 

Melanie Papalia, the slut, topless in another film.  You're welcome.

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