Monday, July 22, 2013

Movie Review: Silent Hill Revelation

3D is a gimmick.  

 Let me say that again.  3D is a gimmick.  It rarely makes the film better.  I think the only good 3D film I ever watched was about the moon landings at an IMAX and that film was meant to immerse you entirely in the environment.  In horror films, the 3D is interspersed throughout the film with the occasional knife or claw being shot in with the 3D effect.  Silent Hill Revelations was designed to make use of the 3D format, which made many of the scenes clunky and cut into both the budget for the film and the gore.  

 I really enjoyed the first Silent Hill, it had the same creepiness as the game and did not hold back on the gore.  I have a feeling that because Silent Hill Revelation was filmed for 3D, the gore had to be dialed back a bit to still get the pass on and R rating.  Even with an R, a film can still be too gory.  While the original Silent Hill drew you into its world, this film never succeeds in fully engaging the viewer.
It's a film about this plush bunny.

 At the end of the first film, it appeared that Sharon and her adoptive mother, Rosa, had made it out of Silent Hill only to be home but in the "spirit world", with Harry, Sharon's adoptive father, at a loss to understand their disappearance.  

 In the beginning of Revelation, Harry and Sharon are on the run, dying their hair and using fake identities, due to Harry having apparently killed a man several years earlier.  It is later revealed that the citizens of Silent Hill are still hunting for Sharon, and are able to enter our world for short periods of time.  Sharon is still the key to unleashing their god and transforming the Earth, as well as ending the demonic terror of Sharon's birth-mother, Alessa.  Sharon must face Silent Hill in order to save her father and herself.
"Mannequin" in reverse.

 Silent Hill Revelation doesn't really do much to add to the story established in the original film.  The world of Silent Hill is little explored.  The acting is fair, as are the special effects, but neither reach the same levels as the original film.  The climax of the film is a let down... we've seen far too many monster fights to really appreciate the clash of the titans that resolves the story.
Bit of a pussy.

 For Silent Hill fans, there is really no reason not to watch Revelation.  Just expect to be disappointed.