Sunday, January 26, 2014

Movie Review: Manitou

 This movie is bad on so many levels that one might wonder if that was the point.

 The basic premise is this; a woman who cavorts with the psychic community in San Francisco discovers a growth on her neck.  This growth turns out to be a "Manitou", a spirit of a powerful Native American Shaman who is attempting to forcibly re-incarnate.  With each incarnation, this Shaman has grown more powerful, and his return will not only end the woman's life, but also herald the end of the world.  It is up to her psychic friend and another Shaman to stop the Manitou.

 So, let's start with the title, "Manitou".  Manitou is simply a Native American word meaning "spirit", and relates to the concept that everything has a particular quality.  Rocks, trees, and even the wind has a "manitou".  The word does not refer to any one particular type of spirit, and certainly nothing sinister.
Not worth it...

 Next, let us discuss our psychic lead hero.  It seems clear that the character was written as a straight male and that their is some history between the lead and the victim.  However, is anyone watching this convinced that the actor is straight?  There is nothing wrong with being gay, or being flamboyantly gay, but desperately trying to hide the fact that you are gay and failing miserably is just pathetic.  And, that is what seems to be going on here.  I don't know that for certain, but you be the judge.
Lollipop Guild Enforcer

 When the monster finally arrives, well, that scene is pretty cool.  The woman is kind of just this skin-husk that later miraculously is whole again during the ordeal.  Still, casting a dwarf as the monster, even layered with neanderthal make-up, comes off as just silly.  Again, not to offend anyone in the Little Person community, but come on.