Thursday, May 15, 2014

Movie Review: Insidious: Chapter 2

Insidious: Chapter 2 was a bit of a let down. 

 It wasn't terrible, as far as sequels go.  The story was entertaining and there were some creepy scenes.  The problem is that, because it is a sequel, we kind of already know where it is going.  There is an interesting plot-twist or two, but the film isn't as scary as the first one.  Nothing new is really presented.  In fact, the story appears to resolve itself, up to the very last scene of the film.  

 The strange goings-on are under investigation by the Police, and Josh Lambert is the primary suspect in the mysterious death of Medium Elise Rainer.  The family move to Josh's childhood home in order to try to get some normality to their lives, but strange things continue to occur.  Josh's wife, Renai, remains uncertain about her husband and continues to see apparitions.  Josh's behavior becomes ever more abnormal, and the children seem to be menaced by something just beyond their understanding.  Josh's mother Lorraine turns to paranormal investigators Specks and Tucker for help trying to protect her family. 
This chick has issues...

 The special effects were equal to the first film, though far more is reveled visually, which kind of takes away from the edge of the monsters.  The story is much tighter, but it is one of those films that tells all the answers to the questions of the last film that made that film great.  Despite the monsters and the paranormal events, the film comes-off as more of a mystery-drama than a horror film.  

 The one real upshot is at the end.  Again, the film has resolved all the issues of the first film.  But, at the very end, something happens that suggests that things are far from over.  With that in mind, hopefully Chapter 3 will be amazing, or at least on par with the first film.

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