Monday, July 7, 2014

Movie Review: A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge

 Freddy's Revenge is not bad as a sequel.  This is before the writers just went full-on camp with the Freddy Krueger character.  He has some lines, but not the cheesiness that comes to be Freddy Krueger in later films.  Freddy's Revenge is about the gore, pure-and-simple, and is a nerdy kid's revenge-fantasy come to life.  

 The protagonist, Jesse, is a spazz.  He is just hip enough to be accepted by his classmates, but he has some issues.  He is often sullen, suffers from nightmares, lacks confidence with women, but is generally harmless enough to be likeable.  In other words, he is akin to about 80% of The Nightmare on Elm Street viewing audience.  Ends up that Jesse and his family moved into the Elm Street murder house (dad got a real bargain for it), and Jesse is having some issues as a result.

Let me get that booger for you...
 In the first film, Freddy was frightening not because of the claws or the scars, but because if you went to sleep you were his.  In Revenge, that is taken away from him.  Freddy instead possesses one kid and then goes after than kid's enemies.  Is Freddy using him, or is Jesse using Freddy?  Let's think about this for a second.  Freddy's victims include Jesse's kinky gym teacher who antagonizes him, Jesse's bully and bro-crush, Jesse's snobby frat classmates who looked down on him, and almost Jesse's intimidating love-interest.  Jesse, it seems, isn't killing for Freddy as much as Freddy is killing for Jesse.  

That's why the girls like him!
 Speaking of frat classmates, what is up with Freddy when he attacks the Lisa's pool party?  Did they find the shortest stunt actor in Hollywood to play Freddy?  How intimidating is the diminutive troll that dances around the pool slashing at people?  And, why are the kids running right into him one at a time?  Why not just stay the hell away from him or team-up with the other jock-douchebags and rush him? Freddy is no less pathetic than when he possessed Jesse.  Personally, I blame Jesse.
I know too many girls who find this hot...
 The special effects in this film where good.  The tongue scene, easily done, still haunts my memories.  I could have done without the pool pyrotechnics.  Exploding hotdogs just don't do it for me.  The end scene, meant to make the audience question everything as it did in the first film, just doesn't have the same impact.  Of the series, Revenge is probably the one you could do without. 

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